SupplyWell’s 10 Questions For Patrick Ottley- O’Connor

Join SupplyWell for a 10 Question interview with Executive Headteacher, Leadership Coach and Education Consultant Patrick Ottley-O'Connor. 
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SupplyWell’s 10 Questions for Patrick Ottley-O’Connor covered an array of fantastic topics including his journey in education, thoughts on Teacher Wellbeing, and the importance of allyship towards grassroots groups such as #WomensEd. Patrick also gives some examples of #teacher5aday and how we can create a great culture of wellbeing in schools! Watch the video below. 

1) What can you tell us about what you do and your experience in education? 00:01

2) What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting your journey working in schools? 02:02

3) What advice would you give people who feel that imposter syndrome now as teachers? 04:30

4) What is something you are passionate to encourage within schools and teaching? 05:54

5) What kinds of coping mechanisms did you utilise when you had to make those difficult decisions? 18:16

6) What do you think of the pressures faced by school leaders, including challenges during the pandemic? 24:32

7) What tips do you have for school leaders and teachers in looking after their wellbeing? 34:09

8) Over half of teachers have considered leaving the profession due to mental well- being reasons (According to 2017 YouGov & Education Support Partnership Survey), does this statistic surprise you? What can be done to help keep teachers in schools? 41:05

9) What exciting things do you have coming up? 49:06

10) Bonus question, how is Hurricane the tortoise? 54:36

11) In delivering a parting message for everyone, what would it be? 56:51


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