5 Morning Routines For Teachers That Put a Spring In Your Step!

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SupplyWell’s 5 morning routines for teachers that put a spring in your step!

The dark mornings have faded away and spring is arriving! It’s a perfect time to introduce some wellbeing into your morning routine while getting ready for a day of teaching. Here are SupplyWell’s 5 morning routines for teachers that put a spring in your step! 

1) 5 – 10 minutes of Yoga

There are so many benefits for morning Yoga practice from decreasing anxiety and depression to improving heart health and building muscle. Here are a few beginner poses you could try as soon as you step out of bed. Hold each pose for 30 seconds, it is a perfect way to start the day. If you want to see more visit the Pocket Yoga website or app, they have tons of examples! If you need more convincing of the benefits of morning yoga, have a look at this article which includes over 40 different yoga practitioners recommendations of yoga usages.

The Mountain Pose  

“The body is in the standing position, with the feet together and rooted into the earth. The weight of the body is evenly distributed on the four corners of the feet. The pelvis is tucked. The ribcage is lifted. The neck is a natural extension of the spine and the chin is slightly tucked toward the sternum. The shoulders are relaxed as they rotate back and down. The arms at your sides. The gaze is forward.“

Find out more about the mountain pose by visiting Pocket Yoga. 

Fierce Pose (Chair Pose)

“From a standing position, the feet are together and rooted into the earth with toes actively lifted. The knees are bent and the weight of the body is on the heels of the feet. The pelvis is tucked in and the ribcage is lifted. The neck is a natural extension of the spine. The arms are lifted up toward the sky with the elbows straight and the biceps by the ears. The hands can be together or separated and facing each other with the fingers spread wide. The gaze is forward“

Find out more about the Fierce Pose by visiting Pocket Yoga. 

Child’s Pose 

“From a kneeling position, the toes and knees are together with most of the weight of the body resting on the heels of the feet. The arms are extended back resting alongside the legs. The forehead rests softly onto the earth. The gaze is down and inward.”

Find out more about the Child’s Pose by visiting Pocket Yoga. 

2) A Healthy Breakfast 

It can be so tempting to skip breakfast when you are keen to get to school on time. By 12pm your stomach will be rumbling, so it’s best to get up just 10 minutes earlier and prepare a speedy breakfast so fuel you until lunch time. Breakfast is helpful for concentration levels as well as keeping energy up, on top of being a tasty way to kickstart the day. 

BBC Good Food has a collection of quick breakfast recipes that can be prepared in 10 minutes or under. Click here to check them out. (The Ultimate French Omelette looks delicious!)

3) Prepare the night before 

Avoid decision fatigue! As a teacher you are making decisions and dealing with problems constantly throughout the day. Through eliminating decision making tasks that consume time in the morning, doing them the night before is helpful as this allows you to save time and helps you feel less stressed in the morning. Our previous blog post 7 Tips for beating the Sunday blues explores how preparing the night before can also help to eliminate anxiety for the next school day.

4) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Drinking water immediately after waking up is great for your body. When you first wake up, your body is releasing toxins, which begins the movement in your digestive system. This routine will recover and improve your digestive system, as well as helping weight management. On average you should be drinking around 3 liters of water daily so incorporating drinking water in your morning routine will help you reach the daily goal of hydration. 

5) Take a moment to remember why you do this! 

Teaching is a fast paced career and sometimes you might feel that you have a hard time being able to pause, reflect, and think about how far you have come. Take a few moments during your morning routine to remember why you entered the profession and look forward to the day you have planned with your students! This will help you feel positive and motivated for the day ahead.

We want to hear from you! What are your morning routines as a teacher that help you put a spring in your step?


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