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March 4, 2021

SupplyWell’s 5 Best Books for Teachers in 2021!

As we celebrate World Book Day 2021 through dressing up as our most beloved characters and highlighting the importance of reading and creativity in young people and our pupils. It is also worthwhile to recognise… Continue Reading

February 25, 2021

SupplyWell named a ‘Top 10 Tech Company in the UK’ in TechNation’s Rising Stars 3.0!

Here at SupplyWell we are celebrating being winners as we have been recognised as one of the ten most exciting early-stage technology companies in the UK as part of a prestigious competition run by national… Continue Reading

February 22, 2021

How To Prepare For The First Day In A New School As a Supply Teacher

The first day in a new school as a supply teacher can be a little bit intimidating since you don’t already have an established relationship with the students or are not yet fully comfortable with… Continue Reading

February 10, 2021

SupplyWell’s 10 Questions For Patrick Ottley- O’Connor

SupplyWell's 10 Questions for Patrick Ottley-O'Connor covered an array of fantastic topics including his journey in education, thoughts on Teacher Wellbeing, and the importance of allyship towards grassroots groups such as #WomensEd. Patrick also gives… Continue Reading

February 5, 2021

SupplyWell’s 10 Questions for Diverse Educators

Join SupplyWell as they get to know Diverse Educator's Co-Founder and Director, Hannah Wilson! We spent some time chatting and fired our Top 10 questions for Hannah Wilson of Diverse Educators. Stay up to date… Continue Reading

January 18, 2021

Incorporating Technology into Teaching

Incorporating technology into teaching has become so important during the switch remote and blended learning. This has meant that teachers have been optimising educational technology into the way they are delivering their lessons. Zoom Zoom… Continue Reading


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