Incorporating Technology into Teaching

Incorporating technology into teaching has been a challenge that many teachers have had to take on over the last year. Here are a few of SupplyWell’s favourite bits of technology for educators and parents who are teaching from home. 

Incorporating technology into teaching has become so important during the switch remote and blended learning. This has meant that teachers have been optimising educational technology into the way they are delivering their lessons.


Zoom hardly needs an introduction! We don’t need to tell you how essential Zoom has been over the last year. The video conferencing software has become one of the staple pieces of technology that has kept businesses and education going throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The share screening ability has played an important part in being able to explain and demonstrate in teaching. In addition, the simple capacity to mute all participants has been one helpful way to finally get silence and concentration during lesson delivery! Zoom has also been beneficial for social events. It even enabled the classic pub quiz genre to stay alive and well during lockdown. It’s capability to keep people in touch is very valuable.

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is very similar to Zoom and has the advantage of incorporating the Office 365 stack so it is practical for seamless collaboration. Have a read of this article from UnifySquare to decide whether Zoom or Teams is the best fit for you.


The video platform has been around for a very long time, and educational videos are no stranger to the site. Youtube has a “Learning” category which you can access here. There are many different topics you can choose from, and you will probably find a great video relevant to what you’re currently exploring in your lessons. You can also upload your own videos and share the link to your students so they can use your resource and complete exercises any time. Here is an example of what Miss Riley has produced for her class to learn phonics from home. 



Lyfta is an award-winning immersive learning platform, which allows pupils to explore different cultures, stories, and engage in interesting interactive activities. It supports the England and Scotland curriculum and can be accessed for free by state-funded schools. Ideal for RE, Geography, PSHE and for encouraging general empathetic engagement. Explore their website here


Kahoot is an interactive quiz and game platform which allows students to take part in fun quizzes. There are a selection of premade quizzes or you can design your own to cater for what you want to assess in particular.  Students can even be encouraged to make their own Kahoot quizzes. Kahoot has launched a distance learning platform that takes remote learning into account.


Twinkl is a resource for teachers and parents. It was created by teachers to make planning and assessment easier. It features lots of different resources for students at primary and secondary levels, and saves time for teachers.


Floop is a web application that enables teachers to give feedback quickly and allows students to understand the value in feedback. According to the EEF feedback is one of the most important drivers of learning. Floop also enables peer feedback which is one of the best ways to encourage interaction between pupils. This is very valuable especially during the current lockdown, as interactions are limited.

BBC Bitesize 

BBC Bitesize is a classic resource with lots of subject specific content. They also have Lockdown Learning for Year 1 up to Year 9. There will be lessons that you can recommend to your class or to your children if you are a parent teaching from home.

Check out this blog by Tutorful, which has been updated for 2020. They have included 101 Ed-Tech tools that you can try out!  We also have our own list of online resources for schools, teachers and parents that we collated last year for you to explore. What are your teaching tech tools at the moment? Let us know by commenting on Facebook or Twitter, we love to hear from you.


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