SupplyWell’s 10 Questions for Diverse Educators

SupplyWell asked 10 burning questions to Hannah Wilson, the Co-Founder and Director of Diverse Educators. Watch the answers here!

Join SupplyWell as they get to know Diverse Educator’s Co-Founder and Director, Hannah Wilson! We spent some time chatting and fired our Top 10 questions for Hannah Wilson of Diverse Educators. Stay up to date with the latest diversity in education news and events by following the #DiverseEd hashtag on all social media.

About #DiverseEd

#DiverseEd is a grassroots community network that hosts events that celebrates diverse individuals in education. It was co-founded by Bennie Kara and Hannah Wilson, who also co-founded #WomenEd. Diverse Educators was conceived during a conversation between Hannah Wilson, when she was an Executive Headteacher, and her Deputy Headteacher, Bennie Kara. Bennie shared concerns that she needed to attend 4 Saturday events to find support for her multiple identities. As there are many grassroots organisations that celebrate diverse facets of a person including #WomensEd, #BAMEed, #LGBTEd and #DisabilityEd. #DiverseEd encompasses all of these protected characteristics, in supporting multiple aspects of someones identity.

Watch SupplyWell’s 10 Questions for Diverse Educators below!

1) What is the mission of Diverse Educators? 0:11​
2) What is the story of how it came into existence? 01:25​
3) How can educators get involved? 04:38​
4) What is on the horizon for diverse educators and for yourself? 05:44​
5) It is LGBTQ+ History month during February. What can teachers do to highlight this? 07:07​
6) It is also Children’s Mental Health Week. What can schools do to get involved? 08:42​
7) What do you do to promote wellbeing in schools? 09:44​
8) HeadsUp ( offers support to Head Teachers, what do you think about the pressures faced by school leaders? 10:58​
9) What kind of challenges do you think supply teachers face and what can we do to help them? 11:54​
10) Delivering a parting message for everyone – what would it be? 13:11

Do you want to learn more about Diverse Educators? Click here to visit their website. #DiverseEd have amazing resources that encourage the celebration of diversity in education, which we absolutely love to see!


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