SupplyWell’s 10 Questions for Dr Edward Lynch

Join SupplyWell for a 10 Question interview with Dr Edward Lynch! Dr Ed is a co-founder of health and lifestyle app 'Lyfe' and also works as a full-time doctor.

SupplyWell’s 10 questions for Dr Edward Lynch covers topics ranging from stress reducing tips for teachers, to the benefits of Dr Ed’s ‘Lyfe’ app and how the Covid- 19 pandemic impacted Dr Ed as a working health professional. Watch the video below to find out more!

1) Tell us about how you became a Doctor and what LYFE is: 00:04

2) How can teachers create a better work life balance when there is high stakes accountability in a school?: 10:42

3) What are some issues that you see often for teachers in your clinical duties? 16:38

4) Can you share some simple steps that teachers and school leaders can take to look after themselves? 19:11

5) How important is it for leaders in school to look after themselves and model positive self care openly? 24:09

6) What do you think can be done to support the health of teachers? 25:56

7) Can you think of practical advice for schools to take to help limit preventable absence in teaching staff, for example how can schools reduce high levels of stress for teachers? 29:11

8) How did the pandemic impact you? 35:26

9) Tell us about a day in the life as Dr Ed. 43:19

10) What are your parting thoughts? 50:08


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