SupplyWell’s 5 Best Books for Teachers in 2021!

In celebrating World Book Day 2021, SupplyWell share their 5 best books for teachers to read during 2021.

As we celebrate World Book Day 2021 through dressing up as our most beloved characters and highlighting the importance of reading and creativity in young people and our pupils. It is also worthwhile to recognise how valuable reading is to ourselves. We want to share with you some of the 5 best books for teachers in 2021!

1) A Little Guide for Teachers Series 

This book series is small and practical, a handy guide to dip in and out of! The authors are experts in their field and readers are encouraged to write in the books, truly making it interactive and personalised. There are three books in the series:

1) Teacher Wellbeing and Self-care by Adrian Bethune and Emma Kell 

2) Diversity in Schools by Bennie Kara

3) Efficient Marking by Claire Gadsby 

Each book delves into a different subject from wellbeing and effective teaching in the first, to diversity in curriculum in the second and finally to feedback and motivation in Efficient Marking. This is definitely a series to read in 2021!

2) Lighting the Way: The case for ethical leadership in schools by Angela Browne  

The author Angela Brown was the star of BBC2 documentary series School. The book is written on the foundations of the author’s own wealth of experience and is ideal for school leaders and demonstrates how to lead schools with purpose, integrity and optimism. 

“This essential guide presents a crucial approach to ethical school leadership that places primary and secondary school leaders at the forefront of change in the education system. It provides an in-depth, realistic look at the current system, enabling school leaders to understand and contextualise their roles, before offering practical solutions to help them develop their leadership style, navigate the challenges they face and have a significant impact on their school and wider community.”

3) What They Didn’t Teach Me on My PGCE: and other routes into teaching by Sarah Mullin 

This book is a number 1 best seller in University Guides for Education Studies. ‘What They Didn’t Teach Me on my PGCE’ contains the voices of over 200 educators offering some of their best advice based on their lived experiences. This book is a must have for NQTs and teachers alike. It is another read that can be easily dipped in and out of.

“They share their heartfelt advice, top tips, honest reflections, disastrous experiences and laugh-out-loud anecdotes about early career teaching. This is not an instruction manual, as all teaching is complex and situational; rather we invite you to ‘dip in and out’ of each chapter as you navigate the recurring themes, patterns and paradoxes. We hope you will be inspired, uplifted, amused and engaged as you reflect on these experiences, comparing them with your own, and celebrate being a member of the teaching profession.”

4) Teaching in the Online Classroom – Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal by Doug Lemov

As we all know the switch to online teaching was an unprecedented development in teaching, and it would seem that many elements of online learning may be here to stay for a little while longer. Lemov’s guide explores the challenges involved in online teaching and guides educators and administrators to identify and understand the best practices.

5) The Action Hero Teacher: Classroom Management Made Simple by Karl C. Pupé 

The Action Hero Teacher is a guide to helping teachers empower themselves in the classroom and aid them into managing their students rather than the other way around. Former NEETs Coordinator and SEMH teacher, Karl C. Pupé gained his knowledge through working with some of the most challenging students in London and can teach you the four types of students in classes, how to set realistic rules, the best and worst teaching styles and how to gain respect alongside much more.  

“It’s not another dusty research paper that will take a month to read and a year to understand. This book is like your friend in the staffroom, ready with a warm cup of coffee and some wise words to share. The Action Hero Teacher will give you a no-nonsense roadmap that will make you less stressed and more confident going into your classroom.”

One to watch out for… 

Diverse Educators have a book coming out January 2022! The book includes over 100 contributors, all experts in their respective fields and will centre around the Equalities Act, exploring the 9 protected characteristics. Find out more here.  It is definitely one to keep in mind for next year and we are super excited to read it. In February we had a chat with Diverse Educators co-founder, Hannah Wilson you can still watch it here.   

We hope that you have enjoyed World Book Day 2021! What are your favourite books for teachers? Get in touch and let us know.


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