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Wellbeing for the whole school community starts with its teaching staff.

Hello I'm Mike,

More than 42,000 teachers leave the profession every year and two years ago I was one of them.

We founded SupplyWell to keep money and teachers in education.

We’re working hard to help schools put the support in place so we can keep teachers working at what they do best.

It all starts with Teacher Wellbeing 

350,000 teaching days are lost every year due to poor mental health and stress related illness amongst teaching staff. Teacher wellbeing has to be the starting point for everyone in a school to be at their best.

Teachers Matter

Care for your mental health by joining a supportive community of teachers.

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Teach Healthy

The Digital Health Assessment tool for schools and teachers.

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The EveryMind App empowers you to take control of your mental wellbeing.

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Tackling preventable teacher absence in schools

Mental health related absences can be reduced in schools when teachers and leaders are given the support they need to thrive. SupplyWell want to give teachers and schools the tools that they need to start teaching happy and keep teachers happy in schools. 

Teacher Wellbeing Solutions

Working in education is a fulfilling and satisfying career. However, there is no denying that it can have a toll on mental health. It is never too late to look after your mental wellbeing, and it has never been easier for schools to support their staff.

Teachers Matter

A growing number of teachers are leaving the profession due to mental health reasons. #TeachersMatter is a community platform that offers support, tips and advice for teachers. In sharing experiences, you know that you are never alone when you feel that your mental wellbeing is suffering. Get in touch and join the community today!

Ideal for Schools

Teach Healthy

Digital Health Assessment for your teaching staff

Teach Healthy

Teach Healthy is a Digital Health Assessment tool for schools. It takes 30 minutes to complete and assesses all levels of health for all teachers including physical, mental and behavioural, all in a secure private environment.

 An anonymous overall picture is shared enabling review and  change in order to improve school life for their staff.

    For SupplyWell Teachers


    An amazing wellbeing app for all our supply teachers

    Everymind for Teachers

    SupplyWell want to support your mental wellbeing and help you feel empowered and more in control of your mental health. The EveryMind at Work app offers tailored tools and resources from the comfort and convenience of your own device. The app incorporates mindfulness throughout and encourages proactive management of your own mental health through engaging content and insights.

    A free resource for SupplyWell Teachers


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