The Benefits of SupplyWell: 5 Reasons Why Schools Choose SupplyWell

SupplyWell is an ethical alternative to supply agencies, we are a digital recruitment platform that directly connects schools to teachers with minimum fuss and minimal cost to schools.
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There are lots of options for schools when it comes to supply provision. So what makes us different? Here are 5 reasons why schools choose SupplyWell.

1) Money saving

SupplyWell keeps money within the education ecosystem, we charge schools only what we need to, we pay teachers a fair wage and the rest goes towards legal deductions. Working with SupplyWell means that schools have more control over budgets. We have transparent fixed fees therefore, there will be no surprise fees for you and we never charge additional costs if schools decide to make one of our supply teachers a permanent member of staff.  

2) Ethical 

At SupplyWell we pride ourselves on our ethical approach to supply. The digital recruitment  platform was created by school leaders for the benefit of teachers and schools, with the vision to redefine how supply teaching works. We do this by lowering costs for schools, allowing greater control over where money is spent, and delivering a fairer wage for teachers. 

3) Efficient 

Who doesn’t want efficiency when you need to find a supply teacher quickly? Our tech allows time wasting tasks to be dealt with more quickly so you can focus on the things that are most important. SupplyWell provides more choice and flexibility of candidates in your region enabling you to have access to a wide pool of educators. All of this means that you have more control over your time and budgets. 

4) Easy 

The tech is fast and easy to use, with the process of getting a supply teacher becoming easier than ever by the ability to book teachers with a click. School decisions are made easily with data leading the way. All compliance documentation is centralised in one organized and accessible place, saving you time. On top of this time sheets can be approved with just one click, easy peasy!

5) Trustworthy 

Our hands-on approach means that you are reassured that a member of the SupplyWell is contactable and available to give friendly advice. We are proud of our reliability and guarantee a quality service to schools. 

Want to hear even more reasons why schools choose SupplyWell? Get in touch, we are always expanding our community of school partners and believe in finding schools amazing teachers while also saving crucial time and money. Email us at [email protected] or visit our Schools page to get started!

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