SupplyWell was created by teachers to look out for teachers and their well-being above all.
We understand that while teaching can be an amazingly rewarding career, it has become increasingly challenging to balance energies invested into such a demanding vocation without neglecting and ultimately running down our own wellbeing. We want teacher wellbeing to be at the centre of a school’s ethos, and we believe we’ve found a fantastic way of implementing this. By using our straightforward technology, we make sure that schools make savings when recruiting, allowing them to reinvest back into the mental health of their staff. We feel wellbeing is so important that we will fund some of these services too.

Teachers earn more. Schools pay less.

Pressure on school budgets is immense, but we believe that ALL teachers should be treated and paid fairly, with access to perks and benefits they don’t usually get. SupplyWell’s mission is simple: Keeping teachers and money in education. We want all schools to have access to the most suitable teachers to fill their supply needs whilst we work with them to improve absence rates and retention. We are a profit for purpose organisation and truly believe in making practical impacts through fair pay and focus on wellbeing can’t help but carry those positive ripples through to making a beneficial impact on education.

Digital solution with a human focus

Essentially we are a digital platform with a human focus and want to help schools recruit and retain teachers, making sure our children’s educational needs are met by the very best. SupplyWell is focused on building a community which brings schools and teachers together, opening the lines of communication and allowing both schools and teachers to be in control of who and where they are placed. We are proud to have partnered with a range of practical wellbeing services which provide perks and benefits to our school partners and our supply teachers to ensure education and wellbeing work hand in hand. We are the only solution that tackles the root causes of the teaching crisis; helping schools save money while investing in teacher wellbeing.


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