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How are your Teachers feeling?


We are at crisis point in our schools, with large numbers of teachers going off sick and leaving the profession. We want to change that.

Crisis in Teaching

days have been taken off by teachers for stress and mental health reasons in the last four years
of teachers have considered leaving within the past 12 months*
Of teachers leave the profession after 5 years*

Investing time in people pays great rewards

It seems that sometimes “No” is not a word in a teacher’s vocabulary. It’s in the very nature of our vocation to all pull together and make the best out of a bad situation – filling in for absences, teaching outside of our specialism or staying late to name a few.

All of these pressures can lead to a self fulfilling prophecy where the people who are helping need help themselves.

We want to start making changes to help all teachers, not just those who work with us, get the help they need, feel rewarded and not lose the passion that makes us teachers in the first place.

We have a range of practical well being services, perks and benefits to start making a difference in a tangible way. 

Our Wellbeing Services

We work with a number of amazing partners to provide practical wellbeing services to your school - at no extra cost to you.

How does it work?

Teacher survey

We work with your teachers to understand what will make the most impact in their day to day lives

We build it for you

We create a bespoke package of wellbeing services that will make the most impact for your teachers and your school

No extra cost

We help you fund the cost of any of the wellbeing services you decide to implement, so there is no impact on your budget

Our Partners


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