What Comes Next? The Benefits Of SupplyWell For A Retired Teacher

What comes next when you retire? Here are benefits of working with SupplyWell as a retired teacher.

Are you thinking about what you are going to do in the next stage of your teaching career? Many of the teachers that work with SupplyWell are retired and want to continue working in the profession that they love on a basis that suits their lifestyle best. Read on to find out the benefits of SupplyWell for a retired teacher.


Working in supply part-time is a great way for retired teachers to keep doing the job they enjoy while also enjoying the benefits that a retired lifestyle brings. SupplyWell enables you to work when you want and for who you want. This flexibility means that retired teachers can still enjoy the classroom at a pace that is convenient for them.

Extra Money

Who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash to top up the week? As well as having a bit of extra money for your fantastic trips you can now go on, the feeling of fulfilment that you get through being paid to do a job that you love is great!


A retired teacher has had a vast amount of continued professional development throughout their career. Although CPD is constantly developing and the skills required of teachers are constantly evolving. It is always good to continue learning. Here at SupplyWell we provide CPD courses for our supply teachers so they can stay up to date with the latest trends in what they need to know. Discover more about CPD and have a read of our guide to alternative CPD courses for supply teachers.

Social Aspects

At SupplyWell we host events for our teachers. They are a mix of virtual and in person events. We want our supply teachers and educators to network and meet their colleagues. This includes the SupplyWell office team and all of the teachers registered with SupplyWell. This experience is unique as rarely supply teachers get to meet their colleagues who work within the same agency. We also host in person CPD events which will enable teachers to socialise and learn new things. Networking is so important to maintain, even after retirement as “your contacts can be important sources of information, ideas and leads; advice and mentoring; and social, intellectual and physical engagement.” As a retired teacher this is beneficial because you are able to socialise with teachers in similar lifestyles to you and join a community of like-minded educators.

New experiences

Experiencing new schools and meeting new people is one of the main driving forces behind why people choose to do supply. It is exciting and fresh. If you are a retired teacher who spent a long time at one school, working on supply is the perfect opportunity to experience different school communities and the great people who work and learn within them.

There are plenty of benefits to working with SupplyWell you can find more by clicking the link here. Continuing to do what you love post retirement is an exciting prospect that you should consider. The flexibility, extra money, CPD, social networking prospects and gaining new experiences are some fantastic benefits to continuing your career in a really fun way.

Are you a teacher getting ready for retirement? Please get in touch by emailing our School and Teacher Partner [email protected] or by calling us on 0333 330 0605. We would love to hear from you!


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